In 2004 we started the brand CALEE taking inspiration from classic California.
Our main focus is only be parts of the californian classic life style. This was the in proration for CALEE.
In Spanish CALEE means ”Real to the street”.
Our first motto was ”So vain damn so hot” a very manly statement. Our second concept was ”JAPAN PRIDE”. The 1960's was the birth of American casual in Japan.
We took the toughness of American casual garments and added a Japanese sensibility to create ”JAPANESE CASUAL”.
What sets us apart from other Japanese Casual brands is our focus on 1990's ”SHIBUYA CASUAL STYLE”.
Even with in the flooded Japan casual market CALEE has a strong presence. Our roots are based in real Shibuya casual culture.
We take a lot of pride in that and want to share that with today's younger generation.
We do this so that people will remember, in our opinion such a great time.
We strive to remind people of a prideful time in our history.
We take extreme pride in the products we make.
We use that pride in making the highest standard that we call CALEE's style.
Some of Calee's main seasonal items consist of classic motorcycle inspired goods.
From the beginning of our conception we have made hand crafted leather goods.
As we will every season we collaborate with HICHOPPER13 garage and BACKDROP that a staple in Tokyo that has been string for over 44years.

又、スペイン語でストリートの意味を持つこととして、ストリートから外れる事のない展開を見せる。ブランド名とは別にSO VAIN DAMN SO HOT(無駄な事だが格好が良い)をサブタイトルに掲げ、常に男臭いイメージであり続ける事をファーストコンセプトとし、セカンドコンセプトにはJAPAN PRIDEを掲げた。


JAPAN PRIDEを物作りから始める為に。

90年代のアメリカン・カジュアルとジャパニーズ・カジュアルを融合させたCALEE STYLEは日本人としてのプライドをも洋服に詰め込んだ不変のものであり、流行ではなくスタンダード。